Ultrasound photographs are one of the most precious possessions you’ll own - it’s the first time you physically see your baby and marks a special milestone moment in your life.

After reading the beautiful story behind the dreamcatcher, I used this as my inspiration to create my unique and beautiful Signature Keepsake range in the form of a ‘deconstructed’ dreamcatcher.


Created by the American Indians - in particular the Ojibwa Chippewa tribe - there is the story of a mystical, mother figure “Spider Woman” who served as the spiritual protector of newborns and young children.

When the Ojibwe people grew in size and migrated further and further away, the new and young members of the tribe could no longer be personally watched over, so the “Spider Woman” created the first dreamcatcher.

She gave the dreamcatchers to the mothers so that she could continue to protect the families remotely via the dreamcatchers.

The Ojibwe word for dreamcatcher is Asabikeshiinh and means ‘spin’. This refers to the web that is woven into the hoop. The spider is a symbol in their culture for protection and comfort, especially with regard to babies and young children.

All parts of the authentic Native American dreamcatcher have their meaning linked to nature. The shape of the dream catcher is a circle or the circle of life. The dreamcatcher web symbolises protection, a kind of spiritual safety net and the infinity of everything (the web has no beginning and end).

The feathers symbolise softness and caution, but also the power of the air and the wind and in some stories, the beads symbolise the spider themselves on the web.

Source: www.redargentina.com