I’m Rachel, and I wasn’t always a maker. Or a mum, for that matter. But becoming both of those things has changed my life entirely, in ways I didn’t totally expect. Like giving people a beautiful way to share their stories, for example.

 As the self-taught designer and maker behind Walls of Stories, I’m one for nurturing nostalgia with the sentiment of a handcrafted keepsake. Why? Because I believe photographs, design and storytelling have a way of evoking meaningful emotion like no other, which gives them the right to be hung proudly and cherished every single day. Here at Walls of Stories, I thoughtfully handcraft pieces that are as unique as the story they hold.



 To say I was mesmerised the moment I saw an ultrasound image of my son, Charlie, is the understatement of the century. I was instantly in love; this image became my most precious possession — it deserved a home far lovelier than the fridge door.

And that’s when my second baby was born. Walls of Stories exists to create unique keepsakes for ultrasound and baby photos, and any other moment or memory you hold close. A wedding, memorable birthday, your family, your first fur baby, a holiday, a favourite quote, business logo or a daily reminder to yourself. In other words, anything you can dream up.



 These keepsakes are more than framed photographs — they’re pieces of art to be treasured for a lifetime. And then another lifetime. Put simply, I use quality materials to create unique pieces. My approach uses a luxe technique of printing a chosen image onto leatherette fabric.

Signature Keepsakes 

A ‘deconstructed’ dreamcatcher interpreted and inspired by Ojibwa Chippewa dreamcatchers. This includes the symbolism to the circularity, protection and softness; all elements that connect to memory and emotion captured in a Walls of Stories keepsake.

If you or a loved one is 1 in 4, I’ve created an incredibly special way to honour your beautiful angel baby, with a bespoke Angel Baby Keepsake.

This features your treasured ultrasound and a genuine howlite Angel gemstone to immortalise your precious little one forever.

 The Signature Keepsake includes the leatherette print photo, sourced genuine moonstone gemstones and authentic, ethically-sourced feathers to create a heartwarming, sophisticated keepsake. It’s nostalgia met with modern elegance, and it’s as beautiful as you can imagine.

Rattan Keepsakes 

These frames are handmade by talented artisans before I add the printed leatherette image. There are a range of shapes and patterns to suit any style, using natural materials to create a chic, boho-style keepsake.


The care I invest in each piece is one thing, but the use of ethically-sourced materials is another thing entirely. Together, these two ingredients mean every item is unique, just like its story. An added bonus? The use of leatherette fabric means no glass or plastic, ensuring no glares on any picture so it can be seen from any angle, any time. Can the fridge door say that?